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      Judicial recovery  

civil and commercial debts

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Force your debtor to pay

After having exhausted the recovery by amicable means, we will submit a judicial recovery agreement to you. 

The legal route consists of asking the Judge to order your debtor to settle his outstanding debts and thus obtain the recovery of his invoices. 

B.F.R.C. will offer you one of the three judicial recovery procedures best suited to your case, if your debtor is solvent: 

  • order to pay

  • the interim relief

  • summons for payment


On the other hand, if your debtor is insolvent, we will judge the pros and cons before proposing that you go to court.


With B.F.R.C. , our clients know exactly what to expect: professionalism, efficiency and results.

B.F.R.C. has its own network of Lawyers and Commissioners of Justice(new name for Bailiffs).

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